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Franchisees Double Down on Go Mini's Model

Franchisees Double Down on Go Mini's Model

In the moving and storage sector, one name stands out among the rest: Go Mini's. For years, our nationwide franchise has been providing exceptional service to customers across the country. Our unique model has not only positioned us as the fastest-growing portable storage and moving company in North America, but has also earned us accolades as a Top Franchise by both Franchise Business Review and Entrepreneur Magazine. And now, you have the opportunity to join our team and discover the path to success as a Go Mini's franchise owner.

When considering an investment opportunity, it's vital to look at real-world examples of success. At the 2023 Go Mini's Annual Conference, we had the privilege of hearing firsthand from three of our franchisees who have experienced significant growth and achievement through their partnership with Go Mini's.

Bill Locke: Tapping New Markets with Go Mini's

Meet Bill Locke, a trailblazer in the Go Mini's family since 2005 who stepped up as a franchisee in 2011. Now, he juggles franchises across Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Florida while also serving as the chairman of the board for Go Mini's, LLC. His experience with Go Mini's is a perfect example of seizing opportunities and strategically scaling up in the moving and storage industry.

Bill was drawn to Go Mini's simplicity and growth potential within the moving and storage industry. Beginning with a territory in Fayetteville, Arkansas, he quickly grasped that the key to growth was tapping into larger populations. This led him to expand into Tulsa, Oklahoma; Springfield, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Jacksonville, Florida; and most recently, St. Louis, Missouri. For Bill, his expansions were a strategic move to access broader markets, ultimately enhancing profitability and growth potential.

He attributes his success to the franchise's "secret sauce" - a combination of a proven franchise model and corporate support. Bill told us, "I'm putting a significant amount of investment in the Go Mini's business because the returns are appropriate for the risk that you take."

Reflecting on the evolution of Go Mini's, marked by "a lot of blood, sweat, and tears," Bill believes that the model is equipped with a strong management team and is attracting franchisees who share a common goal—to make Go Mini's a household name.

Matt Stapleford: Leveraging Go Mini's Support and Community

Matt Stapleford, the owner-operator of Go Minis of Southwest Pittsburgh, joined the Go Mini's franchise in May 2021. He saw an exciting chance to put to good use some unused land next to his traditional storage operation, but what sealed the deal was "the people, the products, and the opportunity" to grow.

He shared that the support from the corporate team has been a game-changer, fueling his business’s growth locally as Go Mini's itself continues to make waves on a national scale. He told us, "everyone we reach out to at corporate is always really responsive, very helpful."

Matt also emphasized Go Mini's culture as a key factor in its success, noting the annual conference as an opportunity for networking and building relationships with other franchisees. This network provides him with an additional layer of support, allowing him to "pick up the phone, reach out to other franchisees, and get any help that might be needed."

He recommends Go Mini's to potential franchisees looking for a strong business opportunity backed by significant support from both the corporate team and fellow franchisees. Through Matt's experience, it's clear that Go Mini's offers a unique blend of opportunities, support, and community culture that truly benefits its franchise owners.

Brian Ellefson: Integrating Go Mini's into a Broad Portfolio

Since joining Go Mini's in 2006, Brian Ellefson has grown with franchises in Augusta, Georgia, and Columbia, South Carolina. His decision to invest in Go Mini's stemmed from a desire to diversify his portfolio, coupled with the attractive margins offered by our model.

Brian's success with his franchises comes down to a few key perks. Firstly, the Go Mini's franchise model is flexible, giving it a leg up over similar options like PODS. This flexibility has made it much easier to scale up and adapt to new market demands. Equally important is the corporate support provided by Go Mini's. The advice and resources they provide have been key in hitting sales and marketing goals, driving growth, and securing profits.

Over time, what initially represented just 2-3% of Brian's business portfolio has expanded to account for 6-10%, boasting some of the highest margins within his organization. This impressive growth highlights how well the Go Mini's model works and how crucial corporate support is in driving business development.

For those considering a franchise opportunity, Brian's experience highlights the benefits of a flexible business model backed by strong corporate support. It shows how such a framework can facilitate meaningful growth and success, even for businesses that start as a small part of a larger portfolio.

Why Choose Go Mini's?

Investing in a Go Mini's franchise is a proven path to success thanks to the experiences of successful franchisees like Bill, Matt, and Brian. Our business model is designed for simplicity and profitability, requiring only a minimal staff. You won't need to worry about warehouses or equipment, and can enjoy an excellent return on investment from recurring monthly income.

At Go Mini's, you venture into business for yourself but not by yourself. We are committed to your success and will guide you every step of the way. We are proud to say that we have never had a franchise fail, which speaks volumes to the quality of the product, the service, and the company.

Our success has been possible due to the smart investment decisions of our franchisees who have reinvested their profits in expanding their territories and improving their fleet. We are continuing to invest in new territories and fleet expansion, and we are excited to have more franchisees join us.

Take the Next Step

If you're interested in a franchise opportunity that provides high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled training and support, then Go Mini's is the business partner you've been looking for. We have received recognition for our excellence and growth potential, and we welcome potential franchisees to explore the investment opportunities with Go Mini's.

With a proven track record and a supportive community, Go Mini's offers the perfect blend of stability and growth potential. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities and take your first step towards achieving your business goals. There's never been a better time to join the Go Mini's family!