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Go Mini's Featured in Business Journal for Exceeding Expectations in 2021

Go Mini's Featured in Business Journal for Exceeding Expectations in 2021

Investing, Expanding, and Helping as a Nationwide Franchise

Something everyone can appreciate is a little good news from this past year. With everything upending, feeling like we’re navigating in the dark during a worldwide pandemic has been commonplace. That’s why we’re happy to share the positivity that portable storage containers have brought to home and business owners alike. Does it sound a little weird that storage containers are a thing for which to get excited? Read on!

Sure, you might not think about portable containers much. Unless you’re:

  • Moving to a new home
  • Renovating your current property
  • In need of temporary office space
  • Searching for a place to hold inventory
  • Holding supplies before an event
  • Storing valuables during damage restoration

And even then, there are a lot of other uses for storage units.

More Free Time = More Projects

Did you know that the average person moves 4-7 times throughout their life?

With the pandemic came an onslaught of rental needs. In many cases, people are choosing to relocate due to no longer needing to work from an onsite office. But reasons for renting have been evolving – people being at home for more time than usual has led to an increase in projects for the organization, redecoration, and overall upgrades to homes.

More Projects + Supply Chain Disruptions = Strategic Cost

Since so many are utilizing portable storage containers for their differing needs, there’s been a natural increase in rental demand. Since our products are manufactured overseas (our units ship from Asia), it has become more difficult to secure shipping containers consistently.

It's almost ironic.

Strategic Cost + More Franchise Locations = Something You’ll Want in On

Because of the shortages, our franchisors must be strategic. Renting one of our 12-, 16-, or 20-foot units begins at $230 a month, increasing based on size. Though we can’t be certain what the future holds for pricing, we’re in a strong position for helping to make the storage process 10x easier on everyone.

A Franchise territory can have around 400,000 people as prospective customers, which means franchise owners gain substantial opportunities from the initial $200,000-$300,000 investment made to own a location.

In this past year along, we’ve sold more franchises than ever before. And we’ve doubled the number of container rentals. Plus, we’re opening new locations which massive room for growth.

We’re absolutely booming.

Would you like to join, or learn more about franchising with Go Mini’s? We’d love to hear from you – just call (805) 323-9336 or get in touch online today.