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Go Mini’s Franchise and Make Space, Inc. Enter Canadian Licensing Agreement

Go Mini’s Franchise and Make Space, Inc. Enter Canadian Licensing Agreement

Go Mini’s Franchising and Make Space Enter Canadian Licensing Agreement

Although we are only a second month into 2021, it’s setting off to be one for the books. This month, our team was happy to publicly share that Go Mini’s Franchising, LLC, a leading moving and portable storage franchise in North America, has successfully entered into a Trademark License Agreement with Make Space, Inc. a leading storage and investment company in Canada.

What is Make Space Inc.?

Make Space Inc. is a Canadian company that features storage rentals, shipping container sales, tire storage operations, moving services, and storage real estate investment. With an HQ right in British Columbia, Make Space Inc. continues to unite brands under a seasoned leadership team and constantly developing to provide the best services to various customers for a variety of projects.

What Does This Mean?

This newly agreed License Agreement will allow Make Space to use the Go Mini’s trademarks to operate portable moving and storage businesses in all geographic regions of Canada that have not been licensed to other companies.

“We are excited to work with Make Space and look forward to continuing to grow our brand in Canada with such an experienced partner,” stated Chris Walls, Go Mini’s Franchising, LLC’s President and CEO. He went on to mention, “we now have 100% coverage in the Canadian market, and this is the first step in executing our strategic growth plan for the Go Mini’s brand across North America.”

Make Space Inc. and Go Mini’s Franchising is excited to go on this journey together. “This partnership continues a growing relationship between Make Space Inc. and Go Mini’s Franchising, LLC. We are proud to add this brand to our extensive portfolio and look forward to expanding to many more Canadian markets.” Stated Terry Thomas, the CEO of Make Space Inc.

With an ever-growing portfolio, as well as 100% coverage of the current available market in Canada, we’re confident this is another step in the right direction to ensure we can continue growing, as well as welcome new members to our team. All of this makes it a very exciting and promising time to join our family of franchisees.

Move Towards Your Future

Go Mini’s Moving & Portable Storage is the new way to move and store. We provide potential franchisees the opportunity to bring their customers the convenience and control of renting, moving, and storing in the form of mobile storage container solutions. With locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico, Go Mini’s is your mobile storage partner, wherever you are.

From our industry-leading products to our ongoing training and overall advantage, our leadership is dedicated to making sure every one member of our team is supported and given the tools to be successful. With new territories regularly being added, it’s never been a better time to join our team and benefit from our unrivaled support.

When you’re ready to explore our current storage franchise opportunities, give our team a call at (805) 323-9336, contact us online, or discover how to get started with our team!